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End-to-end plant services

As part of our cooperation with our partners, we offer a new product - managing all kinds of scraps created in the manufacturing processes and operations of a company.
The professionalism and experience of our employees, combined with the potential and technical equipment of our company, allow us to utilise all scraps according to appropriate environmental standards, while minimising our partner's costs.
We have all applicable decisions and permits.

We offer:

  • an audit before starting our cooperation in order to develop custom and optimal solutions for different kinds of scraps and companies
  • an appropriate quantity of types of containers and crates for scrap collection
  • prompt scrap collection
  • visualisation of storage spaces for different kinds of scraps
  • assigning one employee – a consultant – who is responsible for contacting you
  • employee training in scrap management
  • creating or providing support in creating the scrap management documentation required
  • providing information concerning any changes in scrap management regulations
  • innovative, cost-cutting internal logistics and in-plant scrap storage solutions.

To get more information, please contact:

tel. 65-512-99-08
e-mail: kontakt@polcooper.pl