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History of the company

Polcopper is not only a world-renowned brand in wholesale scrap metal trade, but also a prime example of a dynamically developing family company. A business, which effectively combines traditional values with modern managing methods.

The company was founded in 1990 by Ewa and Kazimierz Rusiecki. Owing to their diligent work, consistency and clear vision for future development, they manage to transform a small family enterprise in a modern, dynamically developing company. The pioneer stage ended symbolically in 1997, when the company was moved from Leszno to Przysieka Polska, where the headquarters has been located ever since. The success was co-authored by the son of the founders, Tomasz Rusiecki, who manages the company.

On the eve of the new century, Piotr Rusiecki has taken over the company management from his tragically deceased brother. Under his management, the company started the second stage of its development in 2002 by merging with Roman Stachowiak's company. After the merger, the company assumed the name of Polcopper, which soon became one of the most recognisable brands in wholesale scrap metal trade and processing. The company also extended its operations to include metallurgy products.

The first decade of operating under the Polcopper brand name is a period of dynamic development. The company has launched branch offices and commercial outlets in dozens of cities around Poland, invested in the machine stock and expanded its output market, precisely adjusting its services to the needs and expectations of its trade partners.

In 2010, the Rusiecki family has taken over full control over Polcopper. After twenty years of intensive work, the company they have founded started a new stage in its development, with trade partners not only in Europe, but also with growing export to China, South Korea and India.